Kindergarten Artificial Turf 幼儿园仿真草坪

Kindergarten simulation turf products include green high-density simulation lawn series, kindergarten rainbow runway series, and vivid and interesting pattern grass series specially developed for babies, allowing babies to experience the pure green of nature and run and play on the patterns of small animals.

The simulated turf in the kindergarten is equipped with SGS completely non-toxic testing, and the grass is made of high-quality PP and PE raw materials. PP and PE are food grade plastic products that do not contain polyvinyl chloride or formaldehyde. Let children have 360 degree safe contact with lawns.

The kindergarten's simulated turf adopts a blend of straight and curved fibers, with straight fibers ensuring the upright performance of the grass and curved fibers ensuring the density and softness of the lawn, reducing children's fall injuries and protecting their ankles.